the edison home - exposed structural brick masonry interior
edison brick home

What we do

We are a design/build firm specializing in solid brick masonry homes.  Call it structural masonry, load bearing masonry or mass-wall masonry; they all mean the same thing.  Our homes are brick through and through.  The walls are a foot thick, and inside is exposed masonry. 

Typical "brick" buildings today are mere shadows of what they once were, the brick being reduced to a cladding, a veneer held up by two-by-four walls wrapped in plastic to keep the water out.  Openings for doors and windows are supported by steel lintels that rust away rather than a far more resilient structural arch or solid stone lintel.  Brick has been hijacked by the commodity driven housing market and its mantra of “bigger is better” to create cheap, faux, disposable houses that require remodeling every decade to fight of irrelevance and decay—and just so happens to keep people spending. 

The construction industry puts a lot of effort into creating what looks like a brick home because many of the most beloved structures around the world are built of brick.  But they deal in the currency of magicians: illusion.  At Building Culture, we build the real thing.