the edison

1750 square feet - 3 bed - 2.5 bath - Loft

~ 60,000 Brick

17.10.07 - The Edison.jpg

This little house lives large.  The entire downstairs is dedicated to living and  includes a full dining area, while the upstairs packs in a bedroom, 4 bed bunkroom and loft, and a master suite with a vaulted ceiling and lots of windows.  Oh yea...and that second story porch off the master offers some pretty sweet views.

Interior Arch

As a solid masonry building, the walls are a foot thick and the inside is exposed masonry.  The 10' interior arch serves two purposes: first, to break up the downstairs living area, providing a sense of transition and separation between the living and dining/kitchen area while still maintaining an open feel (and also being a beautiful architectural feature), and second, to help 'buttress' the exterior walls.  Brick works incredibly well in compression, but it is weak laterally.  Thus, this diaphragm wall, or buttressing wall, dramatically increases the strength of the 36' wall on the front and back of the house.   

custom cut sand stone sills

Custom Cut Sandstone Sills

Solid masonry buildings last a very, very long time.  But whenever they do begin to fail, it is almost always at the sill.  Brick and mortar are porous material, so when a ledge is provided, like at a sill, water can pool there and seep into the interior of the wall, which is very different than glancing rain off the side of the house.  In order to combat this, we use 5" thick stone sills with lugs extending into the wall and a slope cut in to shed the water.  These pieces of sandstone were mined from a rock quarry just 20 minutes away from Carlton Landing, and the slopes cut in on site.  Not only are they highly functional, extending the life of the building significantly, they are also beautiful.  

masonry brick housee