Built to Last

Beautiful homes designed by artists, crafted by hand, and built to last centuries.

We are designers who build

and builders who design.

We design and build for

The Discerning and Intentional.
The Patrons and Contributors.
The Health and Planet Conscious.
The Pioneers and Trailblazers.

The way houses are built today is broken.

Thoughtlessly Designed

Carelessly Constructed

Constant Maintenance

Faux-Luxury Finishes

Environmentally Destructive

Full of Toxic Chemicals

Prone to Mold

Destined For a Landfill

The best your house will ever look is the day it's completed.

There is a better way.

Your home should be a purposeful legacy that enriches your life, family, community and planet.  

That’s why we design structural masonry homes and craft them into healthy, low maintenance, generational assets that grow more beautiful with each passing year.

We expertly blend the best of old and new.

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I. Exacting Design
II. Structural Masonry
III. Best of Modern Technology

You live an intentional life.

You work hard so you can invest in the things that matter to you.  Whether it’s healthy food, inspiring art, a solid education for your kids, or a product of masterful craftsmanship—you choose carefully. Your home is no different.  

But in a broken system that funnels you toward forgettable design and throwaway construction, you’ve been left without a choice.  Until now.

We build intentional homes.

You're right. Things aren't built like they used to be.

Great Pyramids
(c. 2500 BC)
(c. 126 AD)
Bricktown, OKC
(c. 1900-1930 AD)
Downtown Guthrie
(c. 1907 AD)
Anywhere, USA
(c. 1950 - present)

All the longest lasting and most beloved buildings in the world are built with structural masonry.

From the Pyramids and Pantheon to downtown Guthrie and the repurposed industrial buildings of Oklahoma City. Something changed after WWII...

"Quantity over quality"
became the mantra

We turned our new war-time manufacturing capacity to solving our post-war demand for housing.  We needed it fast, and we needed it cheap.  Thus, quantity over quality became the mantra, and cheap design constructed with wood “stick framing” the prescribed industrial solution.

Now, more effort goes into creating the illusion of a good house than actually building one.

Eventually, wood framing, a building method initially used when more durable masonry construction was not practical, was applied to all housing.  Even as our wealth grew, when “fast and cheap” was no longer a necessity, rather than build better, we built bigger and packed more luxury finishes inside—the higher the price tag the more lipstick applied.

Today’s Brick Houses Are Not Brick Houses

Brick today is nothing more than an aesthetic alternative to wood or Hardie siding.  Propping up this thin brick veneer is the same fast and cheap 2x6 framing the US building industry turned to after WWII.

This is strikingly different than what we used to call brick houses: foot-thick, solid brick walls that don’t burn, mold, blow over, rot, or get eaten—and can take a serious beating.  

Our Unique Approach
"Modern" brick facade,
supported by 2x4 framing
and plywood.
Frederick Hollow
Carlton Landing, Oklahoma

We build the
real thing.

We don’t just build what looks like a brick house. We build the real thing.

Our structural masonry homes are sculpted by hand from an average of 100,000 brick, with a resilient 3 brick-thick solid wall built to last centuries.  

Build The Time-Tested Way.

Winner of the 2020 Emerging Excellence in the Classical Tradition Award

Selected by the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art

Winner of the 2021 Design Excellence Award

Selected by the Urban Guild for The Bend pocket neighborhood in Carlton Landing

You aspire to more.
And so do we.

Architecture forms the human habitat, shaping our everyday lives.  

Good architecture fuses utility with durability and beauty, imbuing our lives with meaning beyond providing a roof over our head.  

Great architecture enriches, inspires and lifts the human spirit. It captures our aspirations and our ideals, reflecting them back to us for generations to come.

Yet, in modern America...

Beautiful architecture and the craftsmen who bring it to life are an endangered species—and not for the lack of money.  Our consumerist-economy only values what it can quantify in an Excel spreadsheet, so it incessantly churns out Anywhere, USA:

Soulless Strip Malls
Lifeless Apartment Complexes
Contrived McMansions
Homogenous Subdivisions
Ugly Drive-Throughs
Bleak Office Parks

We live in the most affluent and technologically advanced society in history.  If we once again made cultivating beauty and human flourishing our priority, what could we build?

"We absolutely love our structural masonry home in Carlton Landing."

"The uniqueness, beauty and thoughtful design are second to none. In a world of shortcuts and cookie cutter homes, we are proud to have such a piece of art as our home that we know will last a lifetime.”

— Chase and Erica Healey

"Every element is thoughtfully designed, and every inch put to good use."

“We’ve loved living in one of Austin’s homes in Carlton Landing. The old world, handcrafted nature and use of authentic materials make it feel like something out of a story book. Austin does what he says he’ll do, with an integrity and passion that is rare in our world today.”

— Chad and Macy Missildine

Build a purposeful life and leave a lasting contribution.

Rescuing beauty and craftsmanship is not just a noble cause, it’s a necessary one.  Wealth, when coupled with higher ideals and civic duty, has produced ideas, places and innovations that still enrich us to this day—centuries later. We have an extraordinary opportunity to do the same.

Winston Churchill once said,
"First we shape our buildings; thereafter, they shape us." 

Let's make Oklahoma City great — one building at a time.

The Bend
Carlton Landing