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We design and build homes, commercial projects and mixed-use developments in Oklahoma City and Edmond. Explore our services below or, if you're ready to begin, reach out.

Fellowship Hall

Structural Masonry
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Nestled in the woods north of Oklahoma City's urban core, the design of this residence was driven by the clients' vision for a fellowship hall for their family. The exterior features custom fabricated metal awnings and decorative brickwork...

Brick House with a View

Hybrid Stick Frame
Wheeler District, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Building Culture's first project in Oklahoma City's walkable Wheeler district pairs warm oak trim and natural stone countertops with a classic color palate and thoughtful details, delivering a comfortable abode with a view of the downtown skyline.

Design for an Urban Corner Home

Structural Masonry
Wheeler District, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
This sculptural brick home, sited near the Oklahoma River on a coveted corner lot in Oklahoma City's Wheeler District is currently available for commission. Interior brick walls and natural finishes pair with multiple porches and a brick-walled European courtyard for a timeless setting in all seasons.

Franklin 1

Structural Masonry
Carlton Landing, Oklahoma
This charming cottage in Carlton Landing's Bend neighborhood captures the essence of architectural archetypes with a blend of cedar shake dormers, timber framing, and limewashed brick on the exterior, and a limewashed arch, cozy bunkroom, and natural stone sills inside.

Edison 1

Structural Masonry
Carlton Landing, Oklahoma
Part of the Bend, an award winning pocket neighborhood in Carlton Landing, this cottage is playful yet sophisticated. Natural materials and traditional forms pair with modern touches to create a comfortable yet unique interior, exemplifying how buildings can have infinite variations and character while also conforming to the archetypes that we recognize, find comfort in, and love.

Edison 3

Structural Masonry
Carlton Landing, Oklahoma
This small cottage blends industrial loft vibes with a traditional Arts & Crafts aesthetic. The interior is earthy, cozy and comfortable, with exposed brickwork and stained wood throughout.

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Build a purposeful life and leave a lasting contribution.

Rescuing beauty and craftsmanship is not just a noble cause, it’s a necessary one.  Wealth, when coupled with higher ideals and civic duty, has produced ideas, places and innovations that still enrich us to this day—centuries later.  

We have an extraordinary opportunity to do the same.

Winston Churchill once said,
"First we shape our buildings; thereafter, they shape us." 

Let's make Oklahoma City great — one building at a time.

The Bend
Carlton Landing
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