1900 Oso



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Cultivating a better human habitat. One brick at a time.

This home marks Building Culture’s first structural masonry project in Oklahoma City proper. One might mistake it for a centuries-old structure if it was not nestled within Oklahoma City's new, walkable Wheeler District. Stepped parapets sculped from reclaimed brick pair with an oak timbered porch to imbue this home with a timeless beauty. Thoughful interior brick and millwork details pair with a carefully considered layout and the best of modern technology for a home that looks like a beautiful relic but lives like a modern home.


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Build a purposeful life and leave a lasting contribution.

Rescuing beauty and craftsmanship is not just a noble cause, it’s a necessary one.  Wealth, when coupled with higher ideals and civic duty, has produced ideas, places and innovations that still enrich us to this day—centuries later.  

We have an extraordinary opportunity to do the same.

Winston Churchill once said,
"First we shape our buildings; thereafter, they shape us." 

Let's make Oklahoma City great — one building at a time.

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