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Cultivating a better human habitat. One brick at a time.

Nestled in the woods north of Oklahoma City's urban core, the design of this residence was driven by the clients' vision for a fellowship hall for their family. The exterior features custom fabricated metal awnings and decorative brickwork. Locally handcrafted stone reliefs adorn three parapets, representing the Vitruvian Triad: Venusitats, Utilitas, and Firmitas, or Beauty, Utility, and Durability. The interior features a refined industrial aesthetic with touches of whimsey, including custom metal cabinets and staircases, red oak doors, and the spiral slide connecting the first and second floors


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Build a purposeful life and leave a lasting contribution.

Rescuing beauty and craftsmanship is not just a noble cause, it’s a necessary one.  Wealth, when coupled with higher ideals and civic duty, has produced ideas, places and innovations that still enrich us to this day—centuries later.  

We have an extraordinary opportunity to do the same.

Winston Churchill once said,
"First we shape our buildings; thereafter, they shape us." 

Let's make Oklahoma City great — one building at a time.

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