Episode 5: Austin Tunnell - A Life Changing Accident & the Future of Building Culture

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00:00 Personal Story: Surviving a Bus Accident

02:11 Life Changes and Adaptation

05:13 Identity and Acceptance0

8:03 Evolution of Building Culture's Identity

10:38 Challenges and Legal Battles

12:28 Accepting Things Beyond Control

13:50 Pivoting to Stick Framing

16:18 Building Culture's Mission and Vision

20:39 Advocacy and Cultural Change

22:50 The Importance of Meaning and Purpose

26:28 The Journey of Life and Finding Happiness

An artistic map of historic streets

In this conversation, Austin Tunnell shares a personal story of surviving a bus accident and the life changes and challenges he has faced since then. He discusses the importance of identity and acceptance in adapting to new circumstances. Austin also talks about the evolution of Building Culture's identity and their pivot to stick framing. He emphasizes the mission of cultivating a better human habitat and the need for advocacy and cultural change in the industry. Finally, he reflects on the importance of finding meaning and purpose in life and the journey towards happiness.Takeaways:Life can change dramatically in an instant, and it is important to adapt and find acceptance in new circumstances.Identity is not fixed and can evolve over time, and it is important to embrace new aspects of oneself.Building Culture has evolved its identity and approach, including a pivot to stick framing to address challenges in the industry.Advocacy and cultural change are necessary to create a better human habitat and overcome barriers in the construction industry.Finding meaning and purpose in life is more important than pursuing happiness, and limitations can lead to personal growth and contentment.

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Cultivating a better human habitat. One brick at a time.
Austin Tunnell
Founder of Building Culture