Episode 2: Matt Hayes: What Every Architecture Student Needs to Know

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Listen in on the one-year anniversary of Matt Hayes joiningthe Building Culture team. Whether you're considering architecture as yourfield of study, want to hear what the day to day of working for a Design &Build small business is like, or are just curious to hear more on what makesbeautiful places, this one is for you. Prior to joining Building Culture in2022, Matt graduated from the Notre Dame School of Architecture and worked inManhattan at G.P. Schafer Architect on custom residences in areas includingArkansas, Virginia, Florida, and New York City. Following several serendipitousinteractions with Austin, the opportunity to confront the problems ofdisposable building and car-centric urbanism was too exciting for Matt to passup and he uprooted to Oklahoma to join the Building Culture Team as Architectand Program Manager.


Matt and Austin discuss an array of topics, like whatfactors are important when considering architect school for yourself, thebenefits of travel and its influence on their building and design methods, theuniqueness of working for a start up Design & Build firm, and consideringwhat makes a beautiful place and have the priority on humans and not cars.  

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Austin Tunnell
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